SVSHPL manufactures Pultrusion machines and every other equipment used in Pultrusion operations

SVSHPL produces as well panel production lines. SVSHPL’s focus is to assist companies in the industry to achieve maximum production and/or low cost production for their fiberglass and composite products. We feel that Pultrusion is the cheapest manufacturing process for fiberglass and composites. SVSHPL Pultrusion machines come from our experience in the production of parts before we ever built any machinery. We strive to understand the process before we ever undertake equipment manufacturing.

Some of the impressive benefits of our equipment are listed below:

  •         Quality Components
  •         Accurate Pull Speeds
  •         Ease of Operation
  •         Heavy Duty Construction
  •         Quality Workmanship

Custom Pultrusion Machines

We design, develop and deliver custom Pultrusion machines according to specific requirements of customers and clients. These machines are designed for special speed, pull force, large profile requirements, or special applications and unique data acquisition needs.

Product Features:

  •  Drive: Hydraulically operated Pullers & clamping system.
  • Pull Speed Control: Closed loop electro hydraulic speed control with feed-back is standard on all reciprocating machines and ensure constant pull speed. In line transducer constantly monitor pull speed indication digitally. The maximum pull force of the machine is available at all speeds.
  •     Operator Panel : Electrical panel with auto / manual for pulling section & separate panel for heating zones.
  •     Die Bed: Accommodate die up to 600x1500mm long, manually adjustable, integrated heater controls for strip heaters.
  •     Puller Section: Machines are supplied with reciprocating pullers capable of production speed from 2.5-30mtrs./hr
  •     Cut of Section: Cut off saw is provided for cut to length.
  •     Roll off Section: For ease of handling, a convenient roll-off table is included.
  •     Roving Creel Stand: Standard racks for creels about 300 nos. are supplied.
  •     Resin Tub : Resin tub with satin steel construction is supplied along with machine.


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